chibichurro (chibichurro) wrote in houshinengi,

Help with the game--HUGE translation request

As I've said before, I will do a full walkthrough of the Senkaiden Ni (II) wonderswan game. I HAVE completed the game, (defeated the "final boss") but there are still a lot of things that I haven't finished up. I'm still missing about five unlockable characters; the most important being Fukki.

So... I'm pretty much posting here to ask for help. Mainly on translation, but any suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreiciated too.

You can see more details at the journal here:

I'm not forcing anyone to translate, nor do I have anything to give in return. So if I have to end the walkthrough here, it's also fine with me. As long as someone finds it helpful, at least all my effort up to this point wasn't in vain. =>
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